Online Resources

1. List of Databases of Publications

ECREEE (Ecowas Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency): Publications Database. Available at:

Energia Publications Database. Available at:

Energy4Impact Publications Database. Available at:

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – Resources Database. Available at:

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Clean Cooking – Catalog. Available at:

ICRW Resources and Publications Database. Available at:


2. Specific Papers and Reports

Ballasteros et al (2013) Implementation Strategies for Renewable Energy Services in Low-Income, Rural Areas. WRI Issue Brief. Available at:

Gardner (2011) Development and Implementation of a Strategy for the Promotion of Solar Water Heating in CARICOM Countries. Available at:

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (2016) Empowered Entrepreneur: Training Handbook. Available at:

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (2016) Measuring Social Impact in the Clean and Efficient Cooking Sector: A How-To Guide. Available at:

Global Alliance of Clean Cookstoves (2013) Scaling Adoption of Clean Cooking Solutions through Women’s Empowerment. Available at:

ICRW (2016) “With Solar Sister, Forward We Go”. Available at:

IEA (2006) Energy for Cooking in Developing Countries. Available at:

Karlsson (2012) Empowering Women in Developing Countries through Energy for Entrepreneurship. Available at:

Nepal (2008) Policies for Promoting Investment in Energy Sustainability. A Case Study of Biogas Sector in Nepal. Available at:

OECD Development Centre (2017) Unlocking the Potential of Youth Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: From Subsistence to Performance. Available at:

Shankar (2015) Strategically engaging women in clean energy solutions for sustainable development and health. Available at:

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (2007) Solar Technology and Sustainable Development: Building on the Solar Dynamics Experience. Available at:

Winrock (2015) Supporting Energy Entrepreneurs through the Empowered Entrepreneur Training Program. Available at:


3. Online Training Courses

Coursera – Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship. Available at: (Sign-up required)

ESMAP – Renewable Energy Training Program. Available at:


4. Media Resources

Biomass Cookstove

Traditional biomass stove in Lesotho home (Image: B.Parthan)


60 litre communal stove at the CREEC, Makerere University, Uganda (Image: X.Lemaire)

LPG Cooking

Lesotho woman cooking with new LPG hob (Image: B.Parthan)


An array of cookstoves at the CREEC, Makarere University, Uganda (Image: X.Lemaire)


Collecting firewood in Lesotho (Image: B.Parthan)


Children in front of charcoal for sale in South Africa (Image: B.Parthan)


LPG bottles for sale in Lesotho (Image: B.Parthan)


Charcoal for sale at the roadside in Jinja Municipality, Uganda (Image: X.Lemaire)


Efficient LPG stove in Lesotho home (Image: B.Parthan)