STEPs Resources Guide

Information for Entrepreneurs

– The STEPs Resources Guide aims to give prospective entrepreneurs in the thermal energy service industry (cooking, heating, lighting etc.) an insight into the available technologies for thermal energy services, and their features and benefits, as well as an in-depth guide to financing and business models for creating a sustainable energy service business. The resources guide also includes information on public-private partnerships, particularly in a pro-poor model, enabling entrepreneurs to widen their consumer base by servicing the unserviced or poorest.


Information for Policy-Makers

– Drawing on the extensive energy regulatory experience of the project partners, the resources guide also includes advice for policy-makers on enabling policy for sustainable thermal energy entrepreneurship, as well as market regulation advice and case studies.


The Resources Guide

The STEPs Resources Guide consists of eleven chapters focusing on thermal energy services in developing countries:

Chapter 1: Basics of Thermal Energy Services in Developing Countries

Chapter 2: Business Models for Off-Grid Electricity

Chapter 3: Thermal Energy Services with Biogas and Bio-Digesters

Chapter 4: Thermal Energy Services with Solar Water Heating

Chapter 5: Thermal Energy Services with Improved Cookstoves

Chapter 6: Thermal Energy Services with Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Chapter 7: Gender, Poverty and Thermal Energy Services

Chapter 8: Thermal Energy Operator and Transaction Models

Chapter 9: Financing Thermal Energy Services

Chapter 10: Institutional and Regulatory Models for Thermal Energy Services

Chapter 11: The STEPs Model