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Reviews & Case Studies

Case studies on PPP frameworks based on Energy Sector Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa – Restio Energy (November 2014)

Rural Business Models in Asia: A Literature Review – Sustainable Energy Associates (March 2014)

Business Models for the Delivery of Modern Thermal Energy Services – The Cases of Ghana and Tunisia – Econoler (May 2014)

Business Models in Lesotho Review – Sustainable Energy Associates (March 2014)


LPG Financial Modelling

STEPs LPG Financial Modelling Spreadsheet – Econoler (October 2016)

STEPs LPG Financial Modelling Spreadsheet User Guide – Econoler (October 2016)


Academic Papers

Lemaire, X. Solar Home Systems and Solar Lanterns in Rural Areas of the Global South: what Impact? WIREs Energy and Environment (2018)


Book Chapters

Lemaire, X, Energy access and development in the 21st Century. Chap 8. In P. Ekins, M. Bradshaw, J. Watson (Eds.), Global energy: Issues, Potentials and Policy Implications, Oxford University Press, (2015)

Lemaire, X. Increasing energy access in off-grid rural areas of developing countries. Section 4. Chap 15. In Sustainable Energy Solutions in Agriculture. Ed. Jochen Bundschuh & Guangnan Chen. New York: CRC Press – Taylor & Francis Group (2014)



Public-Private Partnerships and the Dissemination of Biogas Digesters in the Global South. ICDRET 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal – UCL (March 2018)

Sustainable Thermal Energy Partnerships. USES Conference, Merica Hotel, Nakuru, Kenya – UCL/Sustainable Energy Associates (December 2017)

Regulation for Renewable Energy-Based Minigrids: How to Balance the Interests of Stakeholders? Organization of Caribbean Utility Regulators 15th Annual Conference – UCL (November 2017)

Energy Justice and Energy Access in the Global South. Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene Symposium – UCL (April 2017)

The Regulatory Framework for the Development of the Solar Water Heater Industry in the Caribbean. Organization of Caribbean Utility Regulators OOCUR 14th Annual Conference – UCL (November 2016)

Challenges with Universal Energy Access, Asia Clean Energy Forum: Improved Cooking Solutions, Asian Development Bank, Manila – Sustainable Energy Associates (June 2014)

Rethinking Finance and Business Approaches for Energy Access, 3rd Triennial Workshop on SE4All  – Sustainable Energy Associates (February  2014)


Conferences and Events with STEPs Participation

National University of Lesotho International Science and Technology Innovation Conference and Expo (January 2018)

Social Research on Off-Grid Solar Conference – UCL (December 2015)

2015 OT Student Conference – Our Islands, Our future, Sustainable Development – UCL (November 2015)


Second STEPs Network Meeting

Previous International Thermal Energy Projects and their Financing/Financial Flux – UCL (October 2014)

Software Modelling Tools and Toolkits for Renewable Energy Businesses – UCL (October 2014)

Second STEPs Network Meeting Blog


STEPs Outcomes

Afghanistan Sustainable Energy for Rural Development Project (ASERD)

Econoler Support for SE4ALL Country Actions Processes in Zimbabwe and Malawi


STEPs in the Media

https://www.advancedsciencenews.com/off-grid-solar-systems-in-the-global-south/  (26th June 2018)

https://www.lcedn.com/blog/highlights-understanding-sustainable-energy-solutions-conference-nakuru-kenya (23rd January 2018)

http://ppp.worldbank.org/public-private-partnership/library/sustainable-thermal-energy-service-partnerships (28th November 2017)

http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20161029/solar-water-heater-market-hot-exploitation (29th October 2016)

http://www.restio.co.za/2016/09/21/collaboration-with-ucl-on-improving-access-to-thermal-energy-services-2/ (21st September 2016)

http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20160912/powerful-speakers-caribbean-utility-regulators-confab (12th September 2016)

http://www.namstct.org/news/Newsletter-January-March14/vol23_4_workshop_report_Sustainable_Energy2014_J-M14.htm (22nd February 2014)